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EssJay M.E.C.A is your one stop shop for your event planning needs. We've dedicated ourselves to referring you to the right people who specialize in your particular needed entertainment. We will help you plan your event, comparing prices and styles, to save to money without compromising quality. Not only will we help you plan your event, we'll be there to make sure it runs smoothly. With EssJay M.E.C.A. you will have less stress and more time to entertain your guests.

EssJay M.E.C.A.'s primary goal is to provide consumers with the most valuable and comprehensive source of event planning information. The support we provide our clients is a major factor of our success. We want everyone to know that when planning their next event, they have another option available to them.


Future Plans:

Very soon, EssJay M.E.C.A. will be developing a comprehensive database of the premier companies in eleven event-planning disciplines in London and eventually in other major Ontario cities. With this database, we will be able to plan a major conference event for thousands, an intimate house party, a wedding, or a non-profit gala anywhere in the Ontario! The format of our directory will permit companies to add useful contact information, via phone or e-mail, and develop linked home pages.

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